>Dubai airport, center of the universe.

>I am at the Dubai airport. Nice, new, huge, horrible signage (even though it’s in English) airport.

Example: sign pointing left off of plane to transfer desk….walk, walk, walk, signs continue pointing straight ahead, walk, walk, walk, signs stop saying transfer desk ahead, ask someone, go that way, and they point in the opposite direction, walk, walk, walk, arrive at original turn, ask someone, keep going, walk, walk, walk, find a transfer desk….no sign as to which airlines work at that desk, so wait in line, no, not here, next desk, walk, walk, walk, come to next transfer desk, again have to wait in line, as again there is no sign, yes, this is the right desk, but you can’t check in for four more hours, ok, how do I get downstairs, go down the hall that way, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, all the way to the end, emergency exits only,turn around, walk, walk, walk, get back to transfer desk, you have to go through security (which is immediately adjacent to the transfer desk!), and there will be a stairway down to concourse. Time elapsed: 90 minutes, and still no boarding pass, which I have to go back for.

But at least now my wait is only 2-1/2 hours :-).

(will post rest of the trip when I get home!).

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Location:Airport Rd,Dubai,United Arab Emirates

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