On my way to Mandalay…

Off on my next trip! This time I am stopping in Vietnam to visit my friend, Sue, and then I will head up to Myanmar for 10 days. At about this time last year, I made my first trip to Myanmar during my RTW trip. I only spent about five days there, which, of course, was not nearly enough time. But Yangon (and its Schwedagon Pagoda)….

Golden Rock…

And the 2,000 temples and stupas in Bagan…

…as well as the wonderful people…

…were enough to win my heart. So I am on my way back to explore other parts of the country, and yes, that includes Mandalay! I’ll also visit the Pindaya caves with hundreds of Buddha statues, as well as Inle Lake and the surrounding villages.

So follow me, as I continue to explore the globe!

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Location:JFK airport, NYC


Location:JFK airport

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