>Days 52/53. Moscow, then on to St. Petersburg

>Easter Monday….we headed out to the State Historical Museum adjacent to Red Square (a couple of other museums that we were interested in seeing were closed on Mondays :-(. The Historical Museum was in fact a disappointment, as we felt that it focused on the wrong things, and did not really adequately address the history of Russia. Oh well.

We then walked up one of the main drags to a famous Food Hall (grocery store), which was housed in an opulent building…..

While gawking at the interior, we also picked up some snacks for the train ride tomorrow. Walking back, we discovered a pedestrian only side street which was pretty interesting with theaters and outdoor cafes…lots of pedestrian activity….we will go back there when we return to Moscow next week.

We went to the Savoy Restaurant for dinner, which was ranked #1 in more than one guide book. It was a beautiful, old style place, we enjoyed our food, and they had live music, but it was very expensive and we were the ONLY ones there. We couldn’t figure out why…maybe because it was Monday? It was weird. Afterwards, we walked over to Lubyanka Square to see the old KGB building….it was an ugly concrete building and was definitely eerie….

I think I read that there were more floors underground than above ground. So we hightailed it away from there and back to red square for one more night view of the square…I’m not sure this has the same impact as if you were here…

One more walk over to Red Square in the morning of Day 53, where a church service was getting underway in front of the Kazan Cathedral…

…and where they were getting the stands ready, in the colors of their flag, for the May 9th victory day celebration…

…then we headed to the Leningradsky train station to catch our train to St. Petersburg and the Nevsky Forum Hotel. We will have one more full day in Moscow next week before Cynthia heads home, and I head on to Budapest.

But first…..six days in what is touted as “the Venice of the North.”

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