>Day 98…not time to go home yet! (Friday)

>As I previously reported, I moved my flight from tonight to Sunday night to avoid the chaos at the airport due to the closure yesterday, and continued cancellations today. My Round The World ticket allows changes, and the apartment we’re in was still available for the weekend, so it didn’t make sense to get into the fray. Katherine headed on to the airport for her Delta flight to Atlanta, which, surprisingly, took off on time.

So instead of heading to the airport, I headed to the Teatro Colon, which was staging a piece by Puccini which included three one act operas. I was able to get a seat in Row 5. It was long (3-1/2 hours), and mostly “dark and brooding” (even the costumes were all black, except for one little boy in white in the last act…reminded me of the little girl in red in the movie, “Schindler’s List.”), but I still enjoyed the experience, and the conductor/orchestra did extreme justice to the Puccini music. I wasn’t, however, impressed by the acoustics, which they are so proud of? Maybe I was sitting too close? 🙂 When people were on the back of the stage, or when they turned sideways, I felt their voices were quite faint. Of all of the places where I went for music or opera, the best acoustics were at the theater that I went to in Budapest for the jazz concert. Royal Albert Hall also had awesome acoustics (but then, that was Eric Clapton!).

I got back to the apartment to find out that my plane still hadn’t left! So, right choice to postpone….I would have been in the airport all night!

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