>Day 98. Extending trip to 101 days!

>We have more to share with you for days 95-97, but just wanted all of you to know that I have extended my trip for two additional days! I was to fly home this evening, but the airport has been closed for two days due to the volcanic ash cloud from Chile. The airport is scheduled to reopen at 6:00pm tonight, and my flight was to have departed at 8:15pm. But they had already announced two delays. So I decided that instead of dealing with the hassle at the chaotic reopening of the airport, and the risk that my flight would then end up being cancelled anyway, and since I have the flexibility with my Round The World ticket, I decided to rebook for Sunday night.

So I’m off to the Teatro Colon to see if I can get a ticket to Puccini for tonight!

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Location:Ayacucho,Buenos Aires,Argentina

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  1. imbuckets says:

    >So happy you get to stay a few more days. What a trip of a lifetime you've been on. I'm sure its been life changing. Still hope theres a lot of the old Dottie left too. Its been so special of you to share your experiences with all of us. Its been quite a ride & I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you dear friend. Looking forward to celebrating your return.

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