>Day 96. Back to BsAs (Wednesday)

>We had thought we would have to wait until Thursday to fly back to Buenos Aires. We were also checking the option of taking the bus. There is an executive overnight bus that has beds (like the first class section of the airplane), and they feed you and serve wine from Mendoza. Several people had told us about it and had indicated it was quite a comfortable option, and many of the portenos (Argentinians) utilize this method of travel to Mendoza. I was game to give it a try (although I’m not sure Katherine was too excited about that option, but was also willing to give it a try, if need be, especially since they served Malbec!). But when we called the airlines last night, they indicated that flights would resume on Wednesday morning, so we boogied out of there at 9:30am. We were a little nervous about the ash and whether or not it had really passed, so were glad when we landed at home base, Buenos Aires. We were lucky to get out on Wednesday (and maybe our concern about the ash was justified), when we learned that both the domestic and international airports in BsAs were then closed on Thursday. So, back, safe and sound.

Just in time for dinner with Tina’s (and now our) friends, Bob and Miguel. We had drinks at their adorable, well located apartment in Palermo Viejo, and then headed out for a parilla restaurant…which is all about every day Argentinian food…grilled meats and grilled side dishes. They really love their steak here! For the three of us (Katherine had chicken), we ordered what would be a platter for two people which had four steaks…two lomo (or filets) and two rib eyes. The grilled cheese was great (they just put a hunk of cheese on the grill and grill it–you have to eat it right away, while it’s hot). It was more than enough for the three of us, with some to spare.

What a fun evening!

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