>Day 95….volcanic ash!

>I didn’t forget about days 93/94, but will fill you in about those days later. But thought I would just check in to let you all know that, yes, we are being affected by the volcanic ash. We were to return to BA today from Mendoza, but the airport here has been closed for the next two days due to the ash. The skies are blue here, and I see no sign of this ash cloud, so we will just try to enjoy our extra time here. We are currently rescheduled to fly out on Thursday morning, but they are not sure yet if the airport will reopen by then. So far, the international airport in BA has remained open, so it will be a matter of whether or not we can get there by Friday for our flights.

Also, here in Mendoza, we have been staying at the Hyatt, which has had the worst service of any hotel thus far. So for our two day delay I have moved us into a little boutique hotel around the corner.

More on all of this later, but I had gotten a couple of emails and so wanted to check in with everyone!

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Location:25 de Mayo,Mendoza,Argentina

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4 Responses to ">Day 95….volcanic ash!"

  1. marykathryn says:

    >Thinking of you both. Hope all l goes well. Safe travels. Your almost home!!!!!

  2. dottie cunningham says:

    >Almost home!! Boo hoo!

  3. tangocherie says:

    >There are worse places to be marooned than Mendoza!!

  4. imbuckets says:

    >I had wondered if you had been affected by the ash fallout. Glad you changed hotels.

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