>Day 92. Tango!

>During the day, Katherine headed over to the market, the design center and the Evita Museum, while I lounged around.

Then, the big event of the day………..TANGO lesson with Cherie and Ruben! What fun! For about an hour and a half, they attempted to make tango dancers out of both of us!

We actually weren’t bad! They even gave us an advanced move, the ocho (figure eight), which they usually don’t do in the first lesson!

Then……we headed over to the local milonga…

…a place where the locals meet, every night of the week, to tango. We learned that it’s the woman who initiates the dance by staring at a man….then he nods…she nods back, and he approaches her to dance. We actually never put it into practice :-), but Ruben got one of his friends to dance with Katherine and he danced with me! So a real BsAs (that’s the way they abbreviate it) experience!

Tomorrow we head to Mendoza, the wine country!

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  1. tangocherie says:

    >Such a pleasure to share our tango with you both!

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