>Day 84. Arrive in Buenos Aires.

>Well, I arrived anyway! Katherine’s flight out of Atlanta was cancelled and so she won’t get here until tomorrow. Flights in London were also being cancelled right and left due to thunderstorms, but mine was one of the few that ended up taking off. It was more about planes not being able to get into the airport, so luckily my plane must have been there already. We were originally supposed to arrive within 10 minutes of each other, and so arrive at the apartment that we have rented together. She is bringing the remainder due on the apartment, as they wanted it in cash, and it wasn’t realistic for me to carry the cash around. But they let me go ahead and check in, and we will go to their office on Monday and pay the balance.

This apartment is awesome, by the way! So it might be hard for me to go home in two weeks! Today marks only 15 days remaining :-(.

Those overnight flights are always a zap on my energy, so will just relax, go to the grocery store, and save the sightseeing for when Katherine gets here.

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  1. BrendaB says:

    >Ciao, ciao. Glad you missed the ash cloud and perhaps the thunderstorms which we were experiencing before and during a flight from Naples to Milan. Light show! Have a wonderful time in Buenos Aires.

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