>Day 7. Aloha to Hawaii and on to Oz

>Last night was quite a scare! I appreciate the outpouring of concern from so many of you, especially Thom who was able to get a line through to me and talk me through it, even while my hair remained gorgeous (Thom is also my hairdresser, as well as good friend 🙂 Tina also got through briefly, and Katherine kept me busy with emails. And many others reached out, so thank you! Am thankful for Hawaii that it was milder than expected (although I heard Maui got hit harder). And so sad for the destruction and lives lost in Japan.

So, now I am at the airport and ready for Australia (after I sleep on the long flight). The flight is one hour delayed to allow folks to get here. Some of the roads are still closed.

Anyway, before the tsunami warning was issued last night, I had a great last day in Hawaii. After posting my blog yesterday morning, I realized that the sun didn’t seem to be going away, and the sky was blue! BEACH DAY!! So here I sit (on Day 6), under my umbrella, reading my book.  (hint, if you are going to go to the beach more than one day, buy an umbrella and just leave it. Or if you’re not in a hotel right on the beach, the concierge may have a chair and umbrella you can “borrow”).

Then last night at dinner I met a young twenties-something couple, Jess and Will, who were delightful. Will is stationed at Hickam AFB in communications. Deja vu. (happy birthday, Will!).

Well, its time to move on to the next adventure of my trip, the Land of Oz. I may not have as great of wifi service everywhere I go, but I’ll try to post as often as possible.

So before I go, I thought I would share a few parting shots of Hawaii with you. (the blog won’t post with all of the photos, so will they some here and then continue on another post…..

To be continued………

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  1. KO says:

    >Ahem….ignore my last advice on picture taking. You're doing just fine. Take more like these last 5. 😉

  2. Jmeetze says:

    >Hey! That is us! =]

    It was so nice meeting you!! Glad you survived the tsunami(eventful last night, huh?) and we look forward to following your adventure around the world!! Hope you are having a blast!

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