>Day 5. Hula, hula.

>Yesterday, the pool kept me captive for most of the day. I did go for a presentation of the Hilton vacation package program. Ok, earlier I told you I would explain how I ended up with this great ocean view room at one of the premier properties on Waikiki beach. So here’s the story….In January, after returning from Hawaii for Christmas, I was planning to just rebook the same 1br suite that I had booked for Christmas. As I’ve done with all hotel reservations, I went online and searched to see if there was a site where I might get a better deal for the hotel I had chosen, and also looked to see if there was a better deal at another property nearby that might also work. After doing this research, and not finding anything better, I went back to their website and was literally ready to click on “book now” when my phone rang. (I know that sounds made up, but it really happened this way). Anyway, it was Hilton, and as a Hilton elite member, they wanted to offer me a Hilton vacation package at either their Orlando or Las Vegas resort property. I of course said I wasn’t interested. So she asked where I would go if I were to go on vacation. I told her that when she called I coincidentally was about ready to book a hotel room in Hawaii, which was my first stop on a round the world trip. She put me on hold, came back and said that they had two resort properties in Hawaii and would be willing to offer me a similar package at one of those properties. When I asked what the deal would be, she quoted a number for a six night package that exceeded the cost at the property I had planned to book. While I knew that Hilton Hawaiian Village was a superior property, I told her I was on a budget for this trip and her price was over my budget. So I said no thank you. She put me on hold. Her boss came back on the line and asked me what they needed to do to get me to visit their property. I said that they had to come up with a price that was less than my other option. After much going back and forth, they came up with a much reduced price, much less than the other property, in a one bedroom suite, plus a free rental car for the week, plus, plus. So now I needed to know what the deal was, and of course I needed to listen to their sales pitch for their grand vacation package. So for my fantastic ocean view unit, today was my committed time to listen. I of course didn’t buy anything, but it was well worth the great deal!

Besides sitting by the pool, and going to the sales presentation, I also continued my cultural quest by taking hula lessons (sorry no picture in my grass skirt). I thought it would be hokey, but I actually enjoyed it, and it was good exercise! There were about 20 of us. At the end, the instructor told me I was a great dancer….I think she probably meant to add “for a haole” (which is Hawaiian for ‘white person’ :-). While “kamaaina” is the term for a Hawaiian local.

Well, I have my bathing suit on, I’ve slathered on the sun screen, and I’m on my way to the North shore.

Two of my CREW friends, Diana and Anne, said they are looking forward to my blog posts each day, and Adam at H3 reported my travels on twitter and facebook. I hope there are many more of you out there who are enjoying my blog. Let me know!

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  1. mdwebneck says:

    >comment test
    Have you got a CD with the song
    "Wipe Out"
    on it

  2. parisgirl says:

    >I'm so happy you're having a great time and look forward to reading all about your around the world adventures!

  3. jcanapp430 says:

    >I LOVE traveling vicariosly thru you:) Everything sounds wonderful and I am loving all the info & pictures. Sharing with my kids. Would love to get to Hawaii someday. SO glad things are going well. Have a wonderful adventure and keep the blog coming. Love Jen

  4. marykathryn says:

    >testing for the third time hope it works mk

  5. dottie cunningham says:

    >Love the notes! Thanks!

  6. imbuckets says:

    >Love traveling along w/you. Still having a hard time getting my comments sent/posted. Hope this one makes it. Have shared your site with T & J. Hope they are traveling along. Oh by the way, because of you, H3 may have to introduce a new dance class – the Hula. You can show them how. Ha, ha. Enjoy

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