>Day 37–part 2. Bagan

>(posted on day 41)
Wow, what a day in Bagan! I have an absolutely wonderful guide! More about that later.

As we drove from the airport at about 7:20am (it was a little over an hour flight from Yangon), we encountered a “parade” of people, so we stopped so I could get some photos.

The procession was related to an initiation ceremony for boys…they will have their heads shaved, and live at the monastery for one month.

The girls/young women bring offerings for the temple…

Then there is also initiation for the girls, who will get their ears pierced.

Is she adorable or what?…

This is all quite a community event, especially in a town the size of Bagan, which has about 12,000 people. The elephant dance topped off the event…

After enjoying the festivities, we then moved on to a wedding. My guide knew the groom, and so they welcomed us with open arms, even serving us some noodles with chicken, with a bean sauce (tasted a bit like curry). My guide said that when his son got married, there were 750 people invited….which he said is typical, so what’s one more person.

The bride can wear any color, except green, as that means there will be a divorce in the future. It was in many ways similar to a western wedding….the wedding party, led off by the flower girl…

The bridesmaids…

The bride and groom…

The parents and grandmother of the bride…

And let’s not forget the aunts…who give gifts of personal meaning to the bride and groom (such as bracelets, rings, etc).

I’ll even show up in their wedding album….

(I wasn’t quite dressed for the occasion!)
And they will go off in their “just married” car :-).

So by now it’s only 10:30am, and time to get started on the tour of Old Bagan where all of the stupas and temples are located.

I will continue that part of the day in a new post because I’m afraid when I add all of those pictures, it will be too many to post.

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