>Day 3. Time to Re-explore Oahu

>I am sitting here on my lanai (with that same fantastic view) having my breakfast. In planning for this trip, I felt that one of the big challenges was going to be the “eating out” part…..for 99 straight days! I need to strike a balance between enjoying the restaurants of the world without overeating, eating small healthy meals in my room or on the go when I can, and getting a lot of exercise. In January, I went to Hilton Head Health (H3) for a week to reinforce the lifestyle habits that I will need to maintain on this trip. I went over some resistance band exercises with Adam that I can do in my room when no gym is available; I went on the “Dining Wright” excursion with Bob to talk about ordering in restaurants; and I plan to do a lot of walking, as well as hiking on this trip. On this stop, I have a 1 bedroom unit with kitchen, so that makes it easy to eat a healthy breakfast. (More later on how I ended up with this fantastic lodging option). I’ll check in with H3 along the way to let them know how I am doing.

After having a relaxing day yesterday, including an 80 minute massage and a 30 minute foot rub (aaaahhhhhhhhhh), I am ready to re-explore Oahu. For those who don’t know it, I lived in Hawaii from 1970-1972 (with my husband at the time :-)who was in the air force….he got a low draft number that year, so chose the Air Force, and he got Hawaii as his OVERSEAS assignment–there was lots of nail biting at the time, as the rest of his unit went to vietnam or korea…one other guy got assigned to Alaska–while we were relieved, it was tough watching the others get their assignments). So I want to go to some of the old stomping grounds. (Btw, he’s following this blog…..hi, Dennis). Just being here at HHV meets some of that goal, as I used to swim in the Hilton lagoon, which I am looking at from my balcony, and hang on the beach right here (in my custom made three ring bikini–oh to be young again).


When we first moved here, we lived right across the street from the Ilikai Hotel which is right next door (the Ilikai was the hotel in the opening scene of the original Hawaii 5-0 series…


–they also used to shoot scenes of that show in the bank in the building where I worked, 1600 Kapiolani Blvd, aka the PanAm building). Some of my fond remembrances of Hawaii are the diamond head crater…


… (when I lived here, it was right after woodstock, and so they tried to emulate that with a rock concert in the diamond head crater. It wasn’t as big, but definitely had women walking around nude and you didn’t even need to be smoking pot yourself to get high!). We had a Kawasaki motorcycle and on weekends we would circumnavigate the island, checking out different beaches, such as Sunset Beach (banzai pipeline), Waimea bay, Sandy Beach, Hanauma bay for great snorkeling, etc; hang out on the North shore watching the surfers…


… and hippies (I fit right in with them as I had long straight bleached blond hair and wore my tie-dyed clothes proudly); stop off to do motocross; hike at sacred falls (I don’t think you can do that anymore as it got too dangerous with tourists being mugged and robbed along the path–that is a shame, as it was a nice hike back to the falls and then a great pool at the foot of the falls to jump in and cool off after your hike); stopping at the blow hole; going to the sea life park and polynesian cultural center, etc.

So we’ll see how much reminiscing I can do over the next few days.


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