>Day 21 (cont’d). Litchfield Naional Park

>(posted on day 24)
What a glorious day! When the adventure tours van picked me up……

….this morning at 6:45am, I was initially quite intimidated, as everyone else in the vehicle was under 30! I started to wonder if I could keep up with all of them. But we eventually picked up another woman my age from Denmark, and everyone is so delightful and friendly. There are three young girls on the trip–in their early twenties (two from london and one from germany) who are doing extensive travel. One plans to be on the road for a year. They have no itinerary…just go where they feel like it. And work here and there to pick up a few bucks. The 20 year old from Germany is planning to go to South Africa next to work with kids for about two months. They are staying in hostels and carrying 23 kilos (close to 50 pounds!) in their backpacks! I’ve decided I like my version of the RTW trip better! I haven’t met anyone yet doing it in the same way as me, but I’m sure they are out there somewhere.

So off we went to Litchfield National Park to see if we would be able to swim in the plunge pools below any of the falls. It has been the rainy season, and so there was a chance that the areas could have too much water and the currents could be too strong. Our first stop, Buley Rockhole, looked good,

so we all stripped down to our swimmers (swimsuits), and into the plunge pool we went. (am glad this was a bit out of focus :-).

The current was a little strong in places, and at one point I slipped off of a rock, and headed downstream. I was able to grab onto the rocks, and one of the guys reached out and pulled me back to shore. Phew!

After cooling off a bit in the pool, we headed on to Florence Falls to take a look from up top …

And to check out the plunge pool at the bottom

and cool off once again.

Then one more falls…

before heading on up the road to meet some Aborigines who showed us how they weave various items, and how they use natural items for the different colors…

And showed us how to make musical sounds with the didgeridoo…

They are made out of branches that have been naturally hollowed out by termites. And are painted with pictures representing the different aboriginal areas, such as fish, turtles, crocodiles, etc. for the wetlands area.

We then rode through the wetlands where there were thousands of birds…Egrets, herons, spoonbills, kingfishers, etc.

(looking for crocodiles, but we didn’t see any).

Then we arrived at our campsite. Luckily, Janet had recommended that I take the upgraded accommodation, as the tents were too stifling hot and lots of bugs. GREAT advice…..I could have stayed here…with communal bath facilities

But instead I had an air conditioned cabin with ensuite bathroom.

Ah, sweet air conditioning!

On to more adventures tomorrow!

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  1. mdwebneck says:

    >Those plunge pools certainly look inviting
    glad you got the nicer 'digs' for your overnight stay

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