>Day 20. Darwin.

>As my plane left Hamilton Island yesterday morning, the skies were blue and visibility was excellent. So all of the Whitsunday Islands were gorgeous, and as we hugged the coast up to Cairns, I was able to see many of the beautiful green/blue/yellow reefs that make up the Great Barrier Reef. Spectacular!

Then in Cairns, Naomi and Greg had recommended that I use my day of layover there to take the skyrail through the rainforest.

Oops, can’t really see my face under the hat!

Then I could have taken the skyrail back or the old train, so for a change of pace, I hopped on the train.

Then back on the plane for my transfer to Darwin, getting to my hotel late last night. Darwin was one of the places where it was hard to find many places to stay, but with Janet’s help, since she had been here, I finally settled on the Holiday Inn Esplanade, which also seemed to be a traveler favorite on Tripadvisor. (I used that website a lot for this trip).

Today I plan to check out the city of Darwin before heading to the national parks for three days of exploring the parks

Travel tip for today:
The little plastic bags that Diana had recommended (container store) have come in quite handy. Use for my coins, my vitamins for each week, for small toiletries that may leak, and for small quantities of snacks (dried fruit, cashews, etc). They are smaller than snack bags, and so are just the right size! Also brought a few quart and gallon bags which have also come in handy.

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Location:Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia

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