For the past thirty years, I have traveled extensively in the US and overseas, for both work and leisure.  I worked in the commercial real estate industry for over 35 years, most recently serving for 12 years as the CEO for a trade association for the commercial real estate finance industry.  I built my career by developing an international network of colleagues and friends, while financing commercial real estate all over the United States; establishing an office in London; establishing a presence in Japan; managing seminars in India; and managing global conferences in the U.S., as well as Canada, Europe and Japan.  I maneuvered through the economic, legal and social customs of diverse countries and facilitated international business relationships.

For leisure, I have visited 48 states in the US, and traveled to over 55 countries internationally.  In 2011, I embarked on my first “Round the World” trip, exploring 17 cities in 11 different countries, spanning 5 continents.  My favorite places are those where I can become immersed in new and different cultures. Myanmar, Bhutan, Uganda and Ethiopia are special favorites, for the diversity and adventure they offer.

My travels have taught me how to navigate, respect and appreciate different cultures. I want to share my experiences in both New York City and the World, together with my insatiable quest for knowledge.  Come explore NYC and the Globe with me.

Watch my appearance on “Our Take with Christina Brown,” where I talk about Ethiopia.


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