NYC Walking Tours

“From Brooklyn to Wall Street” 

This 2-1/2 hour walking tour starts at Brooklyn’s Borough Hall and wanders through the historic streets of Brooklyn Heights to the Promenade where the spectacular panorama of Manhattan unfolds before us.  After a brief ferry ride, the tour concludes, where else, but the center of finance, Wall Street.  This tour brings together the history, notable figures, architecture and real estate, to provide a layered understanding of how New York City came to be the wonderful city that it is today.

Please contact globeDOTTIngTravel directly to inquire about our walking tours.

Coming to New York during the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays?  Ask us about our “Holiday Windows Tour.”

Custom Private Tours 

We will also arrange walking tours for up to 12 people on the day and time of your choice, based on what you want to see and experience, such as Central Park, Greenwich Village, Grand Central, etc.

We can also provide consulting services to assist you with airfares, accommodations, meals and entertainment for your trip to NYC.  Contact us regarding our travel services.


Licensed Sightseeing Guide – NYC