>Less Than two weeks to go….(packing)

>I am so excited! My trip of a lifetime is really getting close.

Someone asked me how do I pack for a 99 day trip. I got my first tips on this from a book called Rough Guide To First Time Around The World. While their books generally cater to the backpacker/trekker type of traveler, this book had some great tips for my more middle of the road trip:-) I got even more tips from the website, Onebag.com. As a result, although I don’t have just “one bag,” I do have one bag that will be about 30 pounds (way under the 50# limit), as well as a backpack that will weigh about 12 pounds. The key is to not take too many clothes. The weather should be warm to hot in most places, but I’ve got some layers for cooler evenings, and just in case Russia (I’ll be there in the middle of their Spring) and Argentina (will be there from the middle to end of their Fall) are on the cold side.

Get ready…….to start following me Round The World!!

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