>Days 90/91. Iguazu to BA

>This morning we took advantage of the guided walk through the jungle with a guide from the hotel, Dora the explorer (aka, Nazeret)…

She called birds for us, including a toucan and showed us all of the different plant life. In this area, a company came in and planted a lot of pine trees to be used to make wood, and it destroyed parts of the jungle. The owner of our hotel owns almost 1,000 acres of land, and is making an attempt to reclaim the jungle by replanting indigenous plants. This is of course a long process as the soil has completely changed due to the introduction of foreign plants.

It was a lovely, relaxing walk (except for the brief moment when I fell on my backside, which Katherine so graciously captured on camera)… 🙂

We then took a short, relaxing boat ride on the Parana River, the second largest river, after the Amazon, in South America…

It was now time to say goodbye to our friends at the Posada Puerto Bemberg…Here are a few shots of this wonderful little gem…

Back to BA…

On Friday (day 91), we walked around the neighborhood of Palermo, which was a bit like Chelsea in NY. Cute little shops, cafes, art galleries, etc.

Friday evening, we had the pleasure of meeting Bob, who lives in Argentina, and used to be a neighbor of our friend, Tina. He gave us some great insights of the political climate and life in Argentina.

We were going to go hear our tour guide from Monday sing at a little bar in San Telmo, but we were bushed, so called it a day. Wanted to save ourselves for tango on Saturday!

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