>Day 76. Last day in Prague.

>Yesterday late afternoon, I went for a walk across Charles Bridge to check out a hotel Bonnie had told me about called Aria. But before even getting there, i was sidetracked by the signs saying “John Lennon Wall.” During the 80’s, the wall was the scene of many clashes between the secret police and the youth of Prague who were discontented about the communist regime and the lack of freedom in Prague at that time. The youth painted about peace and love based on John Lennon’s songs, which were banned in Czechoslovakia at the time, including their feelings against the communist regime. The communist police continually tried to remove the graffiti from the wall and the youth kept returning to paint their feelings. The wall now continues to symbolize peace and freedom, although the original paintings have been painted over many times…

I proceeded on to the Aria Hotel, where I went up to their roof top restaurant for an early dinner and to check out the magnificent views of the spires of the city! Awesome!!

Prague is known as the city of a thousand spires.

Today I was going to go explore the castle area some more, but instead I decided to “live Prague.” I just walked around the city, with no camera or guide book (but I did take a map), checking out some streets I had not been down. Everywhere I turned there were more beautiful buildings. More spires. More cafes. More cute little shops. I went to the post office. I sat at a cafe and had tea. I had a casual lunch at Bohemia Bagels. And I found the “original” marionette theater of Prague, which had a show tonight….Don Giovanni. So, I thought that would be fun to see it with puppets! With no less than Mozart as the conductor…

… what a blast! It was hysterical. So a great way to spend my final day and evening in Prague.

Tomorrow, I am off to London. My friend, Mary Kathryn, is to join me but just heard that her flight was cancelled due to East coast thunderstorms! So hoping she gets out soon to be able to join me.

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