>Day 24. Darwin to Sydney.

>I have had over 2,000 hits on my blog! Thanks to all of you who are following me! It’s fun sharing this wonderful trip with all of you!

Today, I had a leisurely morning, repacking after my park adventure, washing my clothes (they had w/d at this holiday inn), catching up on my blog and emails, having lunch by the pool, reading my current book, etc. I finished the Burma book (I had also read the book “Freedom from Fear” back when it first came out in the early 90’s), then read a fun “chick” book — “Buenos Aires Lonely Hearts Club” (Katherine, you should read that before meeting me there–it’s just a fun, mindless read), and am now reading “Stealing Buddha’s Dinner” which is a memoir about two girls who immigrated to the US from Vietnam after the war. You might notice that I have been trying to read books that feature places I am going. Also, before I left, I read the first book in Ken Follett’s new historical novel trilogy, “Fall of Giants,” about Russia and Eastern Europe. The first one was about World War One and the fall of the Tzarist regime. I now can’t wait for his second one to come out so I can read it.

My flight was to have been at 1:50pm but luckily I called last night to confirm and found out it had been changed to 2:45 instead, so had an extra hour at the hotel instead of the airport.

When we landed in Sydney, I was so excited! I have heard such wonderful things about Sydney. My friend, Brenda, was just here in sept/oct and she told me that its a mix between Seattle and San Francisco, two of my favorite cities. She also mentioned to me that she had used her United points to book a room at the Swisshotel. So that’s what I did, and I just checked in. What a luxury to be staying in such a high level hotel in such a wonderful city.

So I am looking forward to waking up tomorrow and starting to explore, although I will have to take some time tomorrow to work on redirecting my trip around Tokyo. Hopefully, that won’t be too time consuming, so I can get right down to enjoying Sydney!

Travel tip of the day: The three light weight, washable hankies that Rosellen and Bob gave me have been great…used in place of Kleenex, or to wipe hands when no towels, or wipe water off of camera, or to wipe off feet after swimming to put hiking boots back on, etc. Then rinse out, quick dry, and good to go again. Have used hardly any Kleenex.

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    >HOO-RAY for Washers and Dryers

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