>Day 23. More of Kakadu.

>(posted on day 24)
After a quick brekkie (breakfast 🙂 at the campsite, we headed off for our last and final day of adventure on the Gubara walk. This was a 7.5km hike through a rocky and sometimes challenging wet area until we arrived at this refreshing plunge pool.

Here, we swam across this pool…

…in order to walk around to another refreshing pool at the bottom of a higher waterfall (no photo as we had to leave our gear behind to swim across this first pool). We hung around there for a while enjoying the cool, clear spring waters. Some climbed up a rock wall (in their bare feet!) to go to a higher pool, but I and another woman, Kate, from Sydney, stayed behind (there were even a few who did not swim across the first pool to go to the second area).

Then we headed off to hike up another rock structure…I only made it halfway up that one, as it became quite challenging, and I was afraid I then wouldn’t have the stamina to hike back to the vehicle. Kate stayed behind too. Others came back saying it did get quite scary towards the top!

All of this took us longer than anticipated, so it was about 2:30 when we finally stopped for a quick lunch, before heading back to Darwin.

Darn, I just realized we never took the group photo we kept talking about doing!! And I didn’t have people take enough photos of me over the three day excursion!! but this was the most fun I have had so far as it was the most adventurous and cultural part of my journey thus far. My travel mates were from Austria, Holland, Germany, Great Britain, Switzerland, Denmark, Scotland, Australia…only one other American, but he lives in Sydney now.

Back to Darwin for the night before heading off to Sydney tomorrow! Thanks so much to Crocodile Carl and Adam for a wonderful Northern Territory adventure!

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Location:Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory, Australia

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