>Day 100. RTW trip coming to an end…

>I woke up on Day 100 of my trip to learn that the same flight on Saturday night to NY just took off at 5:00am this morning. So a two day delay was a good choice!

It was another beautiful, sunny day in BsAs. I had been wanting to try the Cafe Ramblas which was right on the corner, so since it was open, I headed there for another leisurely breakfast.

Then I headed back to the apartment to pack up and enjoy the apartment for this last day of my trip…a great place to reflect…

….especially on one of the two outdoor terraces…

Before leaving, I thought one more “chocolate Negro” ice cream from Volta up the street. When I got there it looked like something was going on in the plaza, so I walked over there, and some tango dancing was going on…perfect ending to my stay here.

Jason, “roadrunner” thanks you for letting him join me on my trip…

Yes, that’s me in the mirror! Did you all recognize me without my green pullover? Are you all tired of that green shirt…I sure am! Katherine compared it to the travelocity gnome….the green Globedotter popping up in various places around the world. So she wouldn’t let me throw it away!

Anyway, the plane took off on time….last flight, on what has been a phenomenal trip!!

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  1. marykathryn says:

    >It was fabulous following you. On your blog and joining you in London. Can't wait to hear about your future travels.

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