>Countdown continues…(visas)

>Less than three weeks to go! This week I applied for my last visa….Brazil. Even though you may not see Brazil on my itinerary, will need the visa to step across the border into Brazil at Iguazu Falls– a must-see, which is on the border with Argentina.

Have also obtained visas for Russia, Vietnam, Burma and Australia. I would have also needed a visa for Egypt if that leg of the trip had not been cancelled. There are companies that obtain your visas for you…but since I am in NYC, and not working, it was possible to visit all of the consulates myself to obtain the necessary visas (Australia was a simple on-line process) Each country has its own process (some require full itinerary and confirmations of booked hotel rooms), fee requirement and time frame (some offer expedited service for an additional fee). The most up-to-date information was the actual consulate website for each country. They each keep your passport so they can insert your visa, so it is nerve wracking waiting to get your passport back. So I will be relieved to pick up my passport with Brazilian visa on February 23.

Then Round The World I go!!

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