>Day 20. Darwin.

>As my plane left Hamilton Island yesterday morning, the skies were blue and visibility was excellent. So all of the Whitsunday Islands were gorgeous, and as we hugged the coast up to Cairns, I was able to see many of the beautiful green/blue/yellow reefs that make up the Great Barrier...
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>Day 18. Whitehaven Beach

>Well, despite a forecast of thunderstorms, the weather cooperated again yesterday! Again, as we left the harbor, the sun started peeking through the clouds over the islands. And so we were off. This time just me and 18 close friends, as I chose the small family run boat today to...
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>Day 13. Kangaroo Island

>Yesterday, my first day on the island, was awesome! Brenda, who has lived on the island her entire life, was our guide. The other tour participants were a couple with their 16 year old son from Columbus, Ohio. (I made my tour arrangements through Exceptional Kangaroo Island, as they offered...
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