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Pindaya Caves

May 5, 2012 (cont’d) After arriving in Pindaya, and having lunch and a brief rest (while it poured down rain), we headed up to the caves. There is also a legend about the cave, recreated here at the mouth of the cave, which is that three young women would go...
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PaO Picnic

May 5,2012 This morning, I flew from Mandalay to Heho, where I met up with my guide for Pindaya and Inle Lake, ChiChi. Right outside of the airport, this Buddha image was sitting on the hillside. We stopped briefly at a market where we saw some of the beautiful orchids...
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More of the Pa-O Picnic

After scholarship awards were handed out in front of the council… and some young men performed the national anthem (which seemed more like karaoke, as they were acting like rock musicians on stage…they were having a lot of fun!)… …there was a procession of first the mothers (the older women...
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Ava and other Mandalay sites

May 4, 2012, afternoon After our morning boat ride to Mingun, we headed to the bustling Zegyo market… …where my guide bought marbles for his two girls. (I told him that I used to also play marbles when I was a little girl growing up in Kentucky). After a wonderful...
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May 4, 2012, morning We headed out via boat on the Irrawaddy (this seems to be spelled many different ways) River, on our way to Mingun. Some of the sites we passed along the way included this barge, made out of bamboo, which is used to transport teak wood along...
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